Originally from France, I live in Vancouver, BC, with 2 kids and some long-suffering cacti.  My interests include languages, history, hiking, rollerblading and rock climbing.

My background is database and batch work, especially on PeopleSoft and Python.  I have extensively worked on Oracle, SQL Server and PostgreSQL.  More recently, I have expanded into devops (Chef, Ansible), fullstack web (Django, Webpack, Vue.js) and multiplatform (I am equally at ease in bash on macOS or Ubuntu and have tried to find my way around Powershell).

The trend towards lighter-weight open source solutions is fascinating.  Finding the right one isn't easy however - stability, focus and above all continuing community engagement are key. And, to be pragmatic, many IT requirements are still best addressed by proprietary software.

Above all, I believe that truly well-engineered software should be as simple as it can possibly be.